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Understanding Your Boat Engine

If the engine of your boat isn't well maintained, you may soon find yourself stranded on the water or unable to set out on a voyage. We hope that the things we have posted here will help you to understand the engine on your boat. The articles, which have all been written by amateur boat owners, will help you to recognise the signs that your engine needs attention, understand the process of engine reconditioning, and recognise the importance of using the correct type of fuel. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to hit the waves without having to worry about how the engine will perform.




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Understanding Your Boat Engine

Top Tips When Buying Your First E-bike

by Susan Long

Electric bicycles are not only a convenient means of commuting but also a 21st-century lifestyle gadget. Most people are often confused when buying these bikes since they cannot tell which bike suits their needs. If you intend to buy the bike, read this exhaustive extract to know what to look for when purchasing your first electric bike


Two factors will determine the bike's durability; the manufacturer's standards and build quality. Examining the manufacturer's standards is relatively easy. Read cycling blogs and customer reviews to establish the bike's durability. Some bikes have accreditations from cycling societies and government agencies due to their functionality and safety. The rule is to ensure the bike you purchase has a reputation for durability and performance. 

You need to visit your local dealership to establish the bike's build quality. Start by inquiring about the materials used to build the bike's frame. Galvanised steel or aluminium is pretty sturdy. However, steel is considerably heavier than aluminium. Check how the bike's component's fit. Bikes with wiggling tires and handles are likely to break down after a few months. 


Consider these factors when evaluating the e-bike's efficiency:

  • What is the size of the e-bike? Ideally, the bike should be suitable for your size and weight. Otherwise, you risk being uncomfortable when riding the bike.
  • The bike's frame should accommodate your preferred dress code. For instance, the bicycle should not have a centre frame if you intend to wear a skirt or kilt when riding the bike.
  • What type of e-bike do you need? For instance, a commuter would be ideal for city riding, while a mountain e-bike suits people who will ride in off-road terrain.
  • What is the size of the e-bike's motor and battery? A large motor gives the bike sufficient power to overcome challenging terrains. Conversely, a larger battery enables you to use the pedal-assist feature for extended periods. 

Bike Features

Assess the e-bike's features. For instance, the bike must have safety features such as a horn, indicators and front light. Moreover, you might need a basket to carry your essentials and groceries. If you have limited storage space in your home, go for a foldable e-bike. Some bikes are compatible with your smartphone. It keeps you connected as you ride the bike. Moreover, you can enjoy cycling applications such as maps and speedometers. 

When buying an e-bike, assess its durability, build quality, efficiency and features. Examine how various dealers price the bike before making your choice. Look out for complimentary services such as free shipping and cycling gear.