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Understanding Your Boat Engine

If the engine of your boat isn't well maintained, you may soon find yourself stranded on the water or unable to set out on a voyage. We hope that the things we have posted here will help you to understand the engine on your boat. The articles, which have all been written by amateur boat owners, will help you to recognise the signs that your engine needs attention, understand the process of engine reconditioning, and recognise the importance of using the correct type of fuel. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to hit the waves without having to worry about how the engine will perform.




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Understanding Your Boat Engine

Focus Areas When Inspecting a Used Dirt Bike

by Susan Long

Dirt bikes are an exciting way to get around, especially if you are an avid adventurer. They allow you to navigate highways and dirt roads comfortably and safely. While some people prefer new dirt bikes, used ones are also worth a look. However, you should never put yourself in a position where you spend your hard-earned money on a used bike that won't last very long. Therefore, buyers must pay close attention when shopping for a used dirt bike. Here are critical areas to focus on when buying a used dirt bike.

Frame Condition -- Dirt bikes have a sturdy design and are equipped with quality shocks to help absorb the excess force exerted to the wheels during jumps and falls. However, accidents can alter a frame's form or even break it. Such damage can be corrected by welding or straightening bent parts. Watch out for such defects when shopping for used dirt bikes because they are failure points. For instance, filling a crack on a bike's frame with a weld can restore its strength, but it is still advisable to weld metal bars on the sides. Although the technique is more failure-proof, remember that welded joints are susceptible to cracks. However, you don't want to deal with such issues in the future, which is why a used dirt bike with a mint frame is a better investment. That is proof that the bike has never been involved in a serious accident.

Wheel Condition -- The wheels are probably one of the most critical parts of a dirt bike because they endure rough off-road terrain. Besides, wheels must bear jumps and falls as well as collisions with rocks and trees. Therefore, inspecting dirt bike wheels for signs of cracks and bends is essential. Give both the front and rear wheels a spin and watch for possible wobbling. If a wheel wobbles, there is a bend along its circumference. A wheel that is in good condition should rotate smoothly. Also, ensure that the spoke attachment to a wheel is adequately tight because loose spokes are a sign of poor maintenance.

Air Box -- While a dirt bike can run without an airbox, it is necessary for stabilising fuel combustion processes. However, the airbox can get dirty from all the dirt and fumes produced. A used dirt bike seller can dust or even replace the air filter to cover a dirty airbox. That's why it is advisable to remove the air filter and inspect the airbox's interior. Since you can always replace an air filter, ensure that a used dirt bike's airbox is relatively clean.

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