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Understanding Your Boat Engine

If the engine of your boat isn't well maintained, you may soon find yourself stranded on the water or unable to set out on a voyage. We hope that the things we have posted here will help you to understand the engine on your boat. The articles, which have all been written by amateur boat owners, will help you to recognise the signs that your engine needs attention, understand the process of engine reconditioning, and recognise the importance of using the correct type of fuel. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to hit the waves without having to worry about how the engine will perform.




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Understanding Your Boat Engine

Top Tips When Buying an Electric Scooter

by Susan Long

Electric scooters are one of the most effective means of city transport. Buying an electric scooter can be a challenging task since there are lots of scooters available on e-commerce websites and dealer shops. So how do you choose a suitable scooter? Below are some useful tips. 

Company Reputation

Read blogs and social media reviews to determine the reputation of various electric scooter companies. You could also seek testimonials from friends that own electric scooters. You should do the following things: 

  1. Check the warranty terms and conditions.
  2. Avoid scooters that develop problems every few weeks.
  3. Check whether spare parts and repair shops are available in your locality—it would be unfortunate if you would have to ship parts every time the scooter broke down.
  4. Check what the scooter's maintenance costs are.

Build Quality

Below are a few ways to examine the scooter's build quality 

1. Build Materials

The scooter should withstand a bit of misuse. Aluminium, steel and titanium will not break or scratch if your scooter falls. Plastics may fall off and break when you hit potholes or ride your scooter off the tarmac.

2. Motor and Battery

The scooter should have adequate power to ferry you across flat surfaces and small inclines. A 200-watt scooter is sufficient for daily city commuting. People that live in hilly areas should consider a larger motor.

How long does the scooter's battery last? The battery should last long enough to allow you to complete your daily errands. The battery should not take too long to charge.

3. Braking and Tires

Electric scooters have electric, disk or foot brakes. Disk brakes are most effective, but they require frequent servicing. Small wheels give a rough ride and cannot navigate small potholes. The scooter should have an excellent suspension system.

4. Weight

People that live or work in tall buildings may need a foldable scooter that they can carry to their homes or offices. If this is the case, check the weight of the scooter and its size when folded. 


Most people purchase scooters online. Critically examine the dealer's pricing strategy. For instance, are shipping charges included in the selling price? Will the dealer cover tax charges? Some companies may give scooter accessories such as a helmet or puncture protection fluid. Remember to take advantage of free coupons and discounts. 

Buying an electric scooter is now easy with the above tips. Examine the company's reputation, the quality of the scooter and the company's pricing strategy. Always observe road safety as you enjoy your electric scooter.