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Understanding Your Boat Engine

If the engine of your boat isn't well maintained, you may soon find yourself stranded on the water or unable to set out on a voyage. We hope that the things we have posted here will help you to understand the engine on your boat. The articles, which have all been written by amateur boat owners, will help you to recognise the signs that your engine needs attention, understand the process of engine reconditioning, and recognise the importance of using the correct type of fuel. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to hit the waves without having to worry about how the engine will perform.




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Understanding Your Boat Engine

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Maritime Engineering

by Susan Long

We live in a technological era that's quite fascinating, thanks to advanced developments in the engineering industry. Students can now choose different engineering career paths that never existed centuries ago. For instance, marine engineering may be a lesser-known profession to many. But what makes it quite lucrative today?

This post will discuss why marine engineering is an appealing career option you can choose and achieve your dreams. 

You Get to Travel a Lot

Marine engineering incorporates many other engineering fields, such as electronics, civil and electrical. Thus, working in this field exposes you to many job opportunities that allow you to travel to many destinations. You will not get bored sitting in an office environment and working tirelessly on your usual desk.

Your Job Is of Utmost Importance

Besides earning a good salary, you will be fulfilling a crucial purpose. As a marine engineer, you can expect this every day since your job is vital to keep the vessel safe until it arrives in its destination. Besides, since many industries globally rely on oil, you can be depended upon in offering marine engine services. Your primary function is to ensure the vessel works seamlessly during imports and exports of products.

Marine Engineering Studies Are Exciting

While undertaking maritime engineering studies, you'll face a challenging but exciting experience. The studies focus mainly on marine and oceanic principles. Furthermore, studies last for four years before you earn your Bachelor of Science degree. After completion, you must acquire proper licensing in your field of specialisation. 

A Broad Range of Career Opportunities

Maritime engineering can be the best choice for you if you have a diverse skill set. Additional studies can offer more career options, including the following:

  • Getting a master's or PhD will open up more professional careers in maritime engineering.

  • A jurisprudence degree focuses on the legal laws in the maritime industry

  • Further studies for an MBA open more career doors in the naval career

Excellent Remuneration

A maritime engineer with an impeccable skill set and specialisation earns a decent salary and remuneration. Your input will be crucial in making a change in industries, countries and economies. Every single day, maritime-related services are in high demand, and thus, you can secure your career for a lifetime. 

Finally, according to statistics released by Statista, the number of ships globally was 53,732 as of January 2018. This number is expected to be even higher in the coming years. Hence, there will be a high demand for maritime engineers and workers. Thus, a career in marine engineering is the best way to secure your future.